Isobel Kershaw, fashion styling

  • University of Wolverhampton

The Fashion&Business Club at University of Wolverhampton took part in a fashion styling Masterclass led by Isobel Kershaw and her colleagues from The Stylist London. The workshop began with insights into how the team got into the industry, and a presentation on fashion and styling as a role.

Isobel encouraged Club members to discuss their own style and that of celebrities, and went on to outline how to use colour and knowledge of body shapes to create balanced styles that promote confidence.

The young people were then asked to put together an outfit for an imaginary client, using clothes and accessories that The Stylist team had brought with them. One person from each group presented the outfit and explained the thinking behind it. The last task of the day was to split into pairs and accessorise each other, with each student asked to present their thoughts and methods. Finally, Isobel and the team gave out prizes for skill and creativity.

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