Katie Greenyer, Creative Director at Pentland Brands

  • University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton Club’s Masterclass was with Katie Greenyer, creative director of Pentland, and also Denzel Curriel and Laura Allcott. The Masterclass started with an informal chat about the young people’s interests and aspirations.

Katie then explained what they do at Pentland and introduced the Kickers shoe brand, showing the group an impressive collection of footwear.Their challenge was to design children’s Kickers trainers, using fabric samples and real templates and incorporating the brand’s signature features.

Katie explained that five designs would be chosen and made into real shoes for the Summer Show. In a focused but fun and lively (and competitive!) atmosphere, the members started by mind mapping ideas and then narrowed them down into those they wanted to develop. At the end of the session, they presented their colourful and highly individual ideas to the group.

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