Katie Greenyer, Creative Director at Pentland Brands

  • University of Northampton

The University of Northampton Art&Design Saturday Club experienced a Masterclass in footwear design with Katie Greenyer, Creative Director of Pentland Brands.

At the start of the session, Katie introduced the young people to the idea of shoe branding and design, showing them the design styling which constitutes a classic Kickers shoe and the different materials used to make up the shoe. She gave the club members a series of blank shoe plans and they were asked to brainstorm some designs which they or their friends might like to wear. With a buzz of creative energy, the young people came up with 5 or 6 concepts, working individually and using inspiration from past Kickers designs.

From these initial designs each Club member was asked to select their best idea and from this they were then asked to work up the design in detail considering the side, front and back of the shoe as well as the detailing of laces, tags. They also chose materials and leather colours for the final shoe design.

By the end of the session the young people had all developed one Kickers design in details. Three of these designs, selected by Katie, will be made up by Pentland into Kickers shoes for the Summer Show.

Katie Greenyer (Pentland Brands), Kickers shoe design

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