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  • University of Derby

University of Derby, Society&Change Saturday Club members took part in an interactive and energetic breakdancing Masterclass with Kid Karam and the Trinity Warriors. 

Kid Karam, who is from Derby and attended the University of Derby, is rated as one of the best b-boys in the world and is due to take part in the Paris Olympics this year. Club members were able to truly connect with his journey and recognise him as a local inspiration.  

The Masterclass took place in a dance studio at the university and started with a warm-up led by a Club member. Kid Karam and the Trinity Warriors then introduced themselves and shared how they got into breaking. Following the introductions, Kid Karam walked the group through some basic breaking moves, such as the ‘pindrop’ and a salsa-inspired step, allowing everyone to practice and grasp the fundamentals. As the session progressed, he demonstrated more advanced techniques, highlighting the importance of upper body strength in breaking. 

Once they had perfected their moves, Club members began to create their own dance routines by mixing and matching the moves they had learned. They then gathered in a circle and took turns performing their choreographies, whilst members of the Trinity Warriors demonstrated some of their signature moves.

Club members then moved to the next hall where Kid Karam and the Trinity Warriors performed, followed by a Q&A with Kid Karam. He spoke about his connection with Derby, how his journey started through to qualifying for the Olympics. 

“Be open to different experiences and keep moving whatever it is, there is no right or wrong as long as you’re doing something. Don’t be stagnant, keep learning and keep moving” – Kid Karam 


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