Marianne Shillingford, create your own brand palette

  • University of Central Lancashire

Marianne Shillingford is the Creative Director of Dulux and founder of the Colour in Design Awards. In a Masterclass with Fashion&Business and Art&Design Saturday Clubs from the University of Central Lancashire, Marianne guided Club members through a colour mixing process, exploring depth, and perception. From a vibrant demonstration, Club members learned all about colour theory and how to adjust colour ratios, including black and white, to influence hues, chroma and saturation.

Club members then had the opportunity to create their own colours, which were displayed across the room for all to see and take inspiration from. Then, Club members began putting together their own harmonious palettes, selecting their favourite swatches.

Marianne also demonstrated how contrast can impact the perception of colour, and how to create neutral colours that compliment and support bolder colours. Each young person was able to name their colour experiments considering what they visually or emotionally represented. Towards the end of the Masterclass, Club members also titled their newly created brand palettes

A selection of colours from the Masterclass were chosen by the group and will be produced by Dulux.

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