Nike x Dazed

  • Ravensbourne

Designers from Nike and staff from the British fashion magazine Dazed got together to deliver an immersive Masterclass to the Ravensbourne Fashion&Business Club about styling, providing fantastic insight into the fashion industry. The workshop included a quick “Styling 101” – a hands-on styling workshop focused around the launch of Nike’s new The 1 Reimagined collection.

The Club members were split into groups and were asked to put together different looks using clothes and accessories from Dazed’s fashion cupboard. Using a pop-up studio created for the Masterclass, models were dressed in the Club members’ looks and the young people took part in a live photoshoot with a professional photographer. The session concluded with a discussion held by the fashion team from Dazed about what it’s really like to work as a stylist.

Tutor Rebecca Barton said: “The Masterclass was beyond anything we could have hoped for. The session was absolutely amazing. The young people were completely inspired and in awe of the people they met, and the information was given so generously.”


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