Pentland Brands x Berghaus, recycled bag design

  • The Northern School of Art – Middlesbrough

In a Masterclass with Pentland Brands and Berghaus, Art&Design Club members from The Northern School of Art designed recycled litter picking bags with Katie Greenyer, Creative Director at Pentland Brands.

After Katie gave an overview of Pentland and her career trajectory, she introduced Club members to the Berghaus team, who explained their work, which is rooted in outdoor gear as well as sustainability, and how they came to grow after being founded in 1966.

Once they were given their brief, Club members were able to choose their materials out of an array of recycled fabrics to create their litter picking bags. After cutting their fabrics using templates, a seamstress brought their visions to fruition.

Throughout the Masterclass, Club members were given insight into the career trajectories required to join a design company and about potential creative careers open to them in the north of England.

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