Pentland x Endura, jersey design

  • Northumbria University

In a Masterclass with Pentland Brands and Endura, Art&Design Club members from Northumbria University designed their own bespoke jerseys. 

After Katie Greenyer, Creative Director of Pentland Brands, introduced Pentland Brands and Endura, Mountain Biker and BMX star Kriss Kyle performed a series of impressive tricks for the Club members before telling them about his career as a professional athlete and his love for individualised jerseys. 

The Club members’ brief for the Masterclass was to create a jersey design that encompassed what makes them unique, embracing Endura’s motto: ‘The only limit is your imagination’. Katie guided Club members through the behind-the-scenes process of jersey production before announcing that eight of the Club members’ finished designs would be selected to be produced by Endura. Taking inspiration from some example jerseys, Club members began brainstorming what each panel of their jersey would look like.  

Designs varied from pattern-inspired to image-focused and spanned mythology, dreams, landscapes and animals. Throughout the design process, Katie and the Endura team provided feedback on the Club members’ jerseys, encouraging them to consider the production process and how they could adapt their designs to make them clearer. 

Towards the end of the Masterclass, Club members presented their ideas to the group, explaining the symbolism and intention behind their design. After the presentations, Club members voted for which jerseys they think should go forward for final consideration. 

At the end of the Masterclass, Katie and the Endura team announced which jerseys would be produced, giving constructive feedback for each of the designs. David Johnston, Endura Custom Graphics Designer, and his team, talked to each of the winning Club members about their designs in preparation for them being translated digitally at Endura’s state-of the art in-house production facilities in Scotland.

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