Richard Malone, fashion illustration

  • Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

In a Masterclass with fashion designer Richard Malone, Fashion&Business Saturday Club members from Manchester Metropolitan University explored fashion illustration.

During introductions, Richard talked to Club members about his work’s sustainability focus, using Mulberry scraps, dead stock, locally sourced fibres, excess skins from the meat industry, and recycled velvet, toile, and upholstery foam. Club members also heard from Richard about the range of ways fashion and performance exist across museums, galleries, on stage, film, and catwalks.

For the practical part of their Masterclass, Club members engaged in timed drawing exercises in which they dressed each other and experimented with different techniques, like using their less dominant hand and not looking at the page. By the end of the Masterclass, the Club members had produced sketches of their peers, taking into consideration the weight and colours of different fabrics, silhouettes

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