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Silo Studio is a London-based design studio founded by Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless. Attua and Oscar began their Masterclass with Coleg Sir Gâr’s Art&Design and Science&Engineering Clubs with a presentation about their practice and the processes they would be exploring with the group, before setting them the challenge of creating designs for different parts of the face.

The drawings were transferred to fabric and then, using sewing-machines, the Club members stitched around the outlines of their designs to make shaped pockets that would act as moulds.

They filled the pockets with coloured polystyrene pellets, stitched them shut, then submerged them into a pot of boiling water. Once “cooked”, the items were removed, cooled and the fabric cut away with a scalpel to reveal the now-solid shapes. The Club members really enjoyed the process and seeing instantaneous results.

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