Stacey Bateman, Jigsaw

  • Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Stacey Bateman, senior visual merchandiser at fashion brand Jigsaw, led the Masterclass for the Manchester Metropolitan University Fashion&Business Club, held at a specially designed training room below the company’s flagship London store in Piccadilly. Stacey began with a brief talk about her career and then introduced the group to the concept of visual merchandising, the key skills involved and the importance of brand identity.

The Club members tried their hands at a quick task: to fold a pair of jeans creatively, and then Stacey gave them a tour around the shop and spoke in depth about how to put a display together. After a “spot the deliberate mistake” test, the young people were divided into groups, and worked at merchandising shelf, table and rail displays. They were hugely enthusiastic and came up with some impressive results.

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