Summer Show 2017

The hottest week of the year provided the warmest reception for our annual Summer Show.

From 12-18 June, the work of all 1,200 of our Club members from 53 Clubs was showcased in an exhibition designed by architects Dallas Pierce Quintero with graphics by Tom McEvoy. Hosted by Somerset House and generously supported by Imagination, the 9th Summer Show was a fitting celebration of the young participants.

Club members attended private views over the weekend of 17 and 18 June where proud families were able to see their work of the first time. Each member was presented with a certificate of achievement and their own copy of the Saturday Club yearbook. In presenting their certificates, tutors highlighted the talent and commitment of the young people. On hand to help with the presentations were many of the professionals who have generously given Masterclasses this year.

Hundreds of special guests attended the evening private view on 15 June, when our special guest and chair of Arts Council England Sir Nicholas Serota said: “If anyone needed persuading of the power and importance of creativity, you could bring them here and it would take 30 seconds.”

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