TEIJA Studio, drapery and mannequin work

  • Falmouth University

In a Masterclass with Teija Eilola, founder of the designer collection TEIJA, Fashion&Business and Art&Design Club members from Falmouth University explored the practices involved with drapery materials and sewing.

Teija began the Masterclass with an introduction to herself and her work. Club members had the opportunity to view Teija’s concept boards for her luxury collections, seeing how the aesthetics for a collection are planned visually. 

Club members learned about Teija’s education and career trajectory, including her time spent at the Royal College of Art.  They also gained an insight into the influence of press and exposure, with the example given of Michelle Obama wearing a TEIJA blouse in Italy in 2017.

The Masterclass aimed to equip Club members with techniques such as pleating, smocking and draping in order to create interesting garments. In a step-by-step process, members worked in pairs to create a front piece and sleeve using calico cloth. To develop their silhouettes, members were encouraged to use paper on one half of their mannequin to create more abstract silhouettes, shapes and forms. This technique also allowed members to explore the materiality of the paper compared to fabric.

Using cut calico and thread prepared by Teija, Club members were shown how to effectively pin to the mannequin, experimenting with techniques and stitches, ensuring that materials kept their shape and stayed in place.

By the end of the Masterclass, Club members had created half calico, half paper pieces, demonstrating new-found skills in draping, mannequin work and securing fabric, all of which are vital steps in creating handmade bespoke garments, such as those designed by TEIJA.

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