V&A x Jasleen Kaur, nonsense objects

  • Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke

In a Masterclass with artist Jasleen Kaur, hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum, Saturday Club members from Queen Mary’s College took part in a hands-on sculpture workshop.

Jasleen talked to the Club members about her pathway into the creative sector, her inspirational art teacher and how her Indian-Sikh heritage has influenced her work. Club members then considered the prompts ‘My culture is…’ and ‘I am…’ reflecting upon their own identities and writing down their responses.

Before starting the making activity, Jasleen shared some ‘nonsense objects’ from the V&A’s collection such as a ‘Moustache Spoon’ and a ‘Crumb Scraper’. Club members then used a variety of materials to create their own objects, using words from their writing to name the objects they were making.

One Club member asked “I’m not sure if I can make anything practical” to which Jasleen said, “I hope not! I actively encourage you to create nothing practical or useful”.

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