WGSN, trend-spotting

  • Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Fashion&Business Masterclass on trend forecasting was held at the London head office of global trend forecasting agency WGSN and led by senior menswear editor Nick Paget.

Nick began by explaining the young people’s task for the day: to create a ‘lookbook’ of trend forecasts for the spring/summer 2021 season. He showed some examples of different lookbooks, and the group began sketching and collaging – notably including on-trend ideas such as the return of tailoring and suits and the continuation of street style. After presenting their initial ideas, and receiving feedback from Nick, everyone continued to develop and refine their work, giving their lookbooks names and, in some cases, selecting colours. Overall, it was a successful day that extended work already covered in Club sessions and that offered useful insights into trend forecasting as a career path.

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