Winnie Imara, filmmaking on a budget

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

In a Masterclass with Winnie Imara, founder of the collective Seven Black Women, Film&Media Saturday Club members at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) explored tips and tricks for low budget filmmaking. 

To start the Masterclass, each Club member shared their favourite film or TV show and explored why that might be. They considered the writing, acting, cinematography and why these elements might inspire an emotional response. Club members then learned about the filmmaking resources available to them, including where to hire equipment on a budget, funding opportunities for young filmmakers, and how to find props and actors. 

After watching two short examples of filmmaking on a budget, Club members were able to explore MMU’s five-storey Brooks building to create their own short film. Winnie encouraged Club members to consider storylines that would be possible within the setting of the building, for example characters in a classroom or university. Each Club member was assigned a crew role depending on their interests in Film and TV.

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