Saturday Club? Well, it’s the highlight of the week, isn’t it?

Club Member, Manchester School of Art

It’s a fantastic opportunity for these students to see what their education can take them towards

Dan Toon, McLaren

The ability of young people to imagine and see with inquisitive eyes can be so inspiring.

Tutor, Goldsmiths University London

It’s shown me so much more than I knew was out there

Club member, University of Lincoln

Explore exciting subjects on Saturday mornings — for free

Young people around the country are spending Saturday mornings at their local university, college or museum discovering subjects they love. Saturday Clubs are open to 13–16 year olds and free to attend. Joining the National Saturday Club is a chance to meet exceptional people, learn new skills and find out more about further education, higher education and rewarding careers.

Summer Show

Kingston University London, Science&Engineering Club

Summer Show

Thomas Randall-Page Masterclass at Plymouth College of Art

Scale Rule Masterclass at Tate Exchange

London Visit, National Portrait Gallery, Coventry University Art&Design

Pentland Masterclass, University of Brighton Art&Design Club

Nike Masterclass, University of Westminster Fashion&Business Club

Certificate presentations

Sheffield Hallam University, Club member's self-portrait

London Visit


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