Club member interview: Evie and Lexi, Fashion&Business

14 July, 2023

We spoke to Evie and Lexi from Fashion Retail Academy Fashion&Business Saturday Club about their time on the programme.

We found out about the Saturday Club together and both applied. We’ve been friends since we were really young, and we’ve always been interested in such similar things. We were looking at the FRA college course and stumbled upon the Saturday Club opportunity. 

Why were you interested in a Saturday Club with a Fashion&Business focus? 

Lexi: I’ve originally been doing Textiles for GCSE at school, so it was already an interest, but I’m also thinking of doing Business as an A-level so it would like give me a bit of experience in the subject already, and I wanted to experience it a bit before I decide. 

Evie: I do GCSE Textiles now, me and Lexi study it together – and I’m thinking of A-level Textiles too. But I mainly did it because I have an interest in the industry as a whole. I wanted to learn more about it, and also meet new people. 

What projects have you enjoyed the most at your Saturday Club? 

Lexi: The main project we’ve been doing is a reimagined garment. We’ve been up cycling old clothes to create something we’d like to wear. It’s been interesting learning about sustainability and how to reuse clothes that you wouldn’t usually wear and put them into something that you would buy now. I’ve turned some cycling sorts into a skirt and added patterns that I like. 

Evie: The reimagined garment is also one of my favourites. I had an old top that I gave a sweetheart neckline, and we presented on our creations too. Also tie-dyeing excess stock. The Club tutors helped us dye white tank tops in a way none of us had done before. 

Would three words would you use to describe your Saturday Club? 

Lexi: Inclusive, creative, and exciting. The people there and the tutors make it really inclusive and it’s just a really nice community. 

Evie: Eye-opening, enjoyable, and educational. It’s shown me different sides to the industry that you wouldn’t see in GCSE Textiles. It’s been eye-opening learning about different jobs, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. You’d think it’d be annoying doing it on a Saturday, but no – I find it really fun. 

What does Fashion&Business mean to you? 

Lexi: Communicating my ideas and my creativity. 

Evie: Expressing everyone’s individuality. I especially love going to Saturday Club and seeing what everyone’s wearing. You can see everyone’s personality. 

Who, what or where inspires you the most? 

Lexi: I normally look at social media like Pinterest, and also different celebrities. I quite like Bella Hadid, and I’ve been enjoying looking at the Met Gala outfits – it’s really interesting seeing everyone’s different styles. I also love music and going on walks. 

Evie: I think the tutors at the Fashion Retail Academy. They have so much experience and knowledge in the subject, and a lot to teach us, which I find inspirational. Also watching different movies or TV shows from the 2000s to see how fashion is evolving. 

What motivates you when you feel stuck? 

Lexi: I went to the Beyond the Streets exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, about how artists express themselves freely through graffiti. It’s not normally something that I’d go to look at, but it was really interesting. 

Evie: I also think it’s quite motivating to go to different art galleries and seeing works from different types of industries. We went to see works by Kaffe Fassett at the Fashion and Textile Museum and even though I’m not into that kind of textiles, I also still found it really interesting and motivating 

If you could make one thing better in the world, what would it be? 

Lexi: I’d want to improve the fast fashion issues and encourage people to shop at places that are better the environment. Shop sustainably! 

Evie: I agree. In fashion at the moment there’s a big thing about sustainability, and it’s a trend to do big thrift shops. Lexi and I went to a car boot sale recently which was really interesting because you just rummage through and see what you get. We like these things after someone doesn’t anymore, and then we could pass it on too. 

What’s the best thing about being your age? 

Lexi: I feel like we just express ourselves creatively a lot more, and we take a lot of risks – we’re less serious because we’re younger. 

Evie: We have so much freedom to choose what we want to do. We can go down whichever career path. I feel like when you get older and you’ve picked what you want to do it might be quite hard to change career paths. Right now we get to choose three or four different A-levels. 

Do you feel a sense of community at your Saturday Club? 

Lexi: This is a bit cringe, but it’s kind of like a family. We share a lot of interests so it’s easy to make connections. 

Evie: Yeah, it’s just really fun to talk to other people because obviously at school, everyone’s, like, not always interested in the same things. And we can just talk about what we love and like. 

If you could say anything to your future selves, what would you say? 

Lexi: I would say work hard but also have fun and just enjoy yourself. Make the most of it. 

Evie: I agree, it’s like, have fun, but also, do what you need to do (take some things seriously). And also, take all the opportunities that come your way, like Saturday Club, we just like did it on a whim and it’s been such a good opportunity. You never know what’s gonna happen. 

At the Fashion Retail Academy Fashion&Business Saturday Club, Club members cover everything from design development, illustration, styling, marketing, and exhibition preparation. Club members also take part in national events including Masterclasses with leading industry professionals and the Summer Show, where Saturday Clubs nationwide exhibit their work in a public exhibition – all for free!

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