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Hopwood Hall College Rochdale Art&Design Saturday Club gives members the opportunity to attend free Saturday morning classes in their local area. The aim is to nurture the young people’s talent, build their confidence and give them the chance to explore industry art workshops, studios and galleries to gain experience of different careers within the creative industries.

Young people will take part in Saturday sessions guided by professional artists and designers. Each Saturday class is different with opportunities to create work with the nearby Touchstones Art Gallery, with focus on experimentation and sustainability whilst expressing your personalities, interests and creativity. Young people will explore exciting exhibitions and outdoor environments for inspiration.

Members will develop their creative skills using drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking and more. Creativity in Rochdale has no boundaries, there are limitless artistic possibilities, where individuals are encouraged to express themselves and supported to progress throughout the year.

Club members will also take part in free national events including the Summer Show, where Saturday Clubs nationwide exhibit their work in a public exhibition, and Masterclasses with leading industry professionals. Click here to find out more about this Saturday Club’s 2022-23 Masterclass with Rob Walker.

Club dates:
13 January 2024 - 13 July 2024
Saturdays, 10:00 - 13:00

Hopwood Hall College
Rochdale Campus
St Mary's Gate
OL12 6RY

Saturday Club? Well it’s the highlight of the week isn’t it?

Club member

It’s opened up a whole new world for us. It can change your life.

Club member

It’s shown me so much more than I knew was out there.

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