AHMM, architectural scale and mini-mes

  • London Metropolitan University, The School of Art, Architecture and Design

Art&Design Club members from London Metropolitan University took part in a Masterclass with  Francesco Draisci, Associate at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM). With over twenty-five years of experience in architecture and interior design, Francesco introduced Club members to the journey to becoming an architect, including practical work experience and degree programmes in architecture. After introducing himself and AHMM, Francesco briefed Club members on their workshop, which included creating mini-mes and to-scale spaces for their figurines.

Using plasticine and various other materials, Club members created miniature versions of themselves, before constructing a suitably scaled environment and presenting their creations to Francesco and the rest of the group.

On the rooftop garden of AHMM’s offices on Old Street, London, Club members had the opportunity to speak with the AHMM Summer School volunteers. The AHMM Summer School is a week-long experience for 14-19 year olds, introducing them to digital design, architectural drawing and 3D modelling computer programmes. With an insight into the opportunities available to them, one Club member remarked, ‘thank you for the career advice and tips for the future!  Also loved seeing some of the models and looking at the work architects do.’’


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