Alexander McQueen, embroidery

  • Blackburn College
  • Istituto Marangoni

Blackburn College and Istituto Marangoni’s Fashion&Business Clubs had the inspiring opportunity to visit Alexander McQueen’s new creative space ‘Roses’, located within their Bond Street store, for a Masterclass led by a member of the Embroidery Team.

The Club members were toured through the space and heard the stories behind some of McQueen’s most iconic garments. Then, the young people were taught a range of embroidery techniques, which they got to practice as they each designed and developed an insect motif.

Bees and butterflies were amongst the designs that the Club members developed, in-keeping with the natural themes of the exhibition. They first sketched their ideas, then transferred them onto material and began to create the padding and embroidery for the insect.

This Masterclass was a wonderful opportunity for the Club members to work with the team behind one of the world’s leading fashion houses, to explore their new creative learning space and to develop their embroidery skills.

Alexander McQueen Masterclass in embroidery for Blackburn College and Istituto Marangoni Fashion&Business Clubs

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