Anurati Tandon, naturally dyed paper clay

  • University of Lincoln

Art&Design Saturday Club members from the University of Lincoln were joined by Anurati Tandon for a Masterclass in ceramic art, where they learned to create their own designs using paper clay and natural dyes.  

The day began with an introductory talk by Anurati, a designer and maker who explores natural and repurposed materials in her work, such as paper, food and plant waste. Anurati explained her approach to design and then talked through the steps to create and dye paper clay, offering insights into her environmentally conscious practices. 

Club members were then divided into small groups to prepare their clay. They shredded paper to create pulp, blending it with water to form a clay-like substance. The next step involved dyeing the clay with a variety of natural pigments, using Gum Arabic as a binder. After the clay was prepped and set aside to absorb the dyes, the Club members took a short break.  

Once the paper clay was ready, Club members used moulds to shape them and create their unique designs, exploring different forms and patterns. 

I couldn’t do this stuff anywhere else; I can’t do it at school or home, and it gives me ideas for my school work” – Club member 


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