Barnaby Barford, ceramicist

  • Plymouth College of Art

Ceramicist Barnaby Barford began his Masterclass at Plymouth College of Art with a presentation about himself and his work, including sculptures and “word drawings”, giving insights into his inspirations and making processes.

The Club members’ first task was to split into groups and think of words about Plymouth, which they drew on sheets of paper, passing them from group to group. This was then repeated, using larger sheets of paper and a choice of pencil or charcoal.

Having got everyone thinking and introduced the idea of collaboration, Barnaby led a group critique before everyone split up again to produce more group word-drawings, discussing what was working and how to move forwards.

After lunch, the groups generated words on the themes of #hopes and #fears, and began to produce large-scale collaborative drawings. At the end, they discussed their work and, collectively, chose which ones to exhibit at the Summer Show.

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