Charlie Humble-Thomas x V&A, production design

  • Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art, UAL

In a Charlie Humble-Thomas x Victoria and Albert Museum Masterclass, Art&Design Saturday Saturday Club members from Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges of Art, UAL created innovative object designs.

Charlie introduced himself and his work as an Illustrator and Industrial Designer and the process of sketching, modelling, prototyping, and physical testing. After introductions, the Club members began critically and creatively exploring intriguing objects ranging in material and era. Objects included a mini mobile, bricks made from recycled and sustainable materials, innovate designs including a shelf for a cup of tea, a large slotted spoon made from melted aluminium cans, a plastic bag, a balaclava, a box opener…

As the Club members delved deeper into the world of design, they were challenged to evaluate the objects through a kaleidoscope of perspectives: the object’s age, function, usages, problem-solving abilities, machine vs hand made, and environmental impact. After learning how to ‘read’ the objects, identify their main objectives, and decode the tactics used by designers, Club members began planning their own designs.

After rough sketches, the Club members used paint markers on tiles to illustrate their eco-consciousness and inclusive designs. Illustrations included a sustainably made speaker with touch sensitive drum pads, a recycled plastic skateboard, eco friendly Sylvanian families, a waterproof deep sea zine, plastic-free gender neutral underwear, and a mug made to feel like you’re holding someone’s hand. Club members had the opportunity to present their designs, sharing their intentions, planned materials, and objectives.

With their tiles dry and ready to take home, the Club members’ last stop was the V&A’s DIVA exhibition – an exhibition that explores the role of the ‘diva’ and diva culture, and its evolution across opera, stage, popular music, and film.

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