Connie Viney, cake artist

  • London Metropolitan University, The School of Art, Architecture and Design

London Metropolitan University’s Masterclass with cake artist Connie Viney was described as “brilliant” and “one of the most enjoyable days we’ve had”. Connie began with a presentation about her work, past projects and inspirations before the group set about their task: to create a gingerbread and icing sculpture inspired by artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

Connie had brought a range of materials and tools with her including sweets, pots of jelly, food colouring, lollies, icing syringes, rolling pins, scalpels and brightly coloured icing. The young people worked individually, then assembled everything at the end to create a collaborative, edible piece of artwork that was both vibrant and decidedly tasty.

“Working with a practitioner who clearly enjoys what she does was infectious,” said their tutor. “It was yet another example of the huge range of things you can do with an art education behind you.”

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