Daniel Spencer, photography

  • University of Northampton

In a fun and creative Masterclass led by Daniel Spencer from Turn and Shoot, members of the University of Northampton’s Art&Design Club experimented with portrait, landscape and architectural photography.

Daniel gave the young people an insight into his work and career journey as well as an overview of photography and editing techniques. Then, the Club members had an opportunity to try out professional photography equipment. They took it in turns, with guidance from Daniel, to try out different forms of photography in locations across the Waterside Campus, and then returned to the editing suite to enhance the images they had captured.

Caroline Lloyd, Saturday Club Co-ordinator and Programme Leader for Fashion Promotion & Communication at the University, said: “We were all really impressed with the variety and quality of work they produced in a short space of time.”

University of Northampton Art&Design Club took part in a photography Masterclass with Daniel Spencer

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