David Constantine, wheelchair design

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Cardiff Metropolitan University Science&Engineering and Art&Design Clubs came together for a wheelchair design Masterclass with David Constantine.

David gave the group an insight into his personal experience of disability and what led him to working within the field of wheelchair design. He highlighted that the design of a product is just as important to the user as the function, but the function should not be sacrificed. David then gave the group some examples of wheelchairs designed by Motivation. In groups the young people generated ideas using mind maps and illustration. Afterwards, they presented them to the group in the forms of diagram, blueprints, sketches and foam models, and David gave them feedback on their designs.

One design included customising the wheels of the chair to pierce the ground and help farmers to plant seeds. Another, group presented the idea of a waterproof chair which collects rainwater in the context of combatting water scarcity.

Linda Smith, the Club’s tutor commented: “David was very generous in sharing his personal experience of disability and how it has shaped his career pathway with the group. The session highlighted the subject area of Product Design to both our Art & Design and Science Clubs and the application of ideas from both perspectives to solve the combination of design and function problems. The group was very lucky to work with an inspiring figure within the design industry.”

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