Price & Myers, spanning sticks

  • Higher Horizons+

Creative structural and civil engineering firm Price & Myers delivered a Masterclass for Science&Engineering Club members from Higher Horizons+. The Price & Myers team began by introducing themselves, their work and their ‘origin’ stories in the industry. Jake, Structural Engineer at Price & Myers, shared an anecdote with Club members about his childhood trips to the London Eye, where he would analyse the structure of the wheel and there began his interest in engineering.

After introductions, the Price & Myers team presented Club members with their Masterclass brief: to create sturdy structures using wooden rods and triangles, gummy bears, zip-ties and hot glue guns.

 Club members collaboratively constructed four towers considering the 3 S’s – Strength, Stability and Sturdiness. At the end of the Masterclass, each structure was reviewed by the Price & Myers team, and Club members reflected on the engineering knowledge and consideration of sustainable materials and designs learned during the Masterclass.

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