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The Hub Sleaford Craft&Making Saturday Club headed to Howdens Joinery HQ for an immersive experience in designing, developing and launching new products. 

The jampacked day was led by experts from Howdens’ multiple departments including product design, insights, graphic design and branding, with each giving valuable insights on the design-to-launch process. 

Club members delved into the history of Howdens and the uses of their 700-acre site. They were taken to a showroom displaying a whole range of products and set-ups to be used as inspiration for the day’s task. 

The brief was to choose a particular audience and create a kitchen cabinet based on their needs. Club members were told to focus on how this could look in the future to meet the changing demands of consumers and builders’, how it will look and function, as well as the types of materials it could be made from and how it would be branded and presented.  

The Club members worked in groups to research their ideas before moving onto concept development and prototyping. After lunch, the Howdens team presented to the group the importance of branding and marketing and showed them how to design a logo for their product.  

The groups had great fun collaborating and building their designs out of cardboard, which they then confidently presented at the end of the day.  

Howdens Joinery is a generous supporter of the Craft&Making Saturday Club. 

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