Institute of Physics, QyarkNet Cymru and Penelope Rose Cowley

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

Two workshops responding to a brief from the Institute of Physics brought together members of Cardiff’s Art&Design and Science&Engineering Saturday Clubs for their joint Masterclass, challenging them to collaborate on an sci-art project on the topic of cosmic rays.

In their first session, physicist Dr Peri Jones from QuarkNet Cymru discussed cosmic rays, explaining what they are, where they come from and why scientists are detecting them here on earth. ArtSci creator Penelope Rose Cowley then described how science can be conveyed through art, explaining how she uses layers of wax and paint to achieve different effects.

In the second session with Penelope, the Club members were challenged to create artwork inspired by the science around cosmic rays. The outcomes were colourful and varied. Some members illustrated the distance and speed that the particles travel and others focused on the splitting of the rays into muons when colliding with other particles.



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