ITV Academy, behind the scenes of Coronation Street

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

Writing&Talking Saturday Club members from Manchester Metropolitan University were invited to the ITV studios in MediaCity for an immersive Masterclass on the set of Coronation Street. Club members delved into the world of television production, particularly focusing on what goes on behind the scenes of a soap opera. 

The day started with a welcome presentation by Lee Rayner, the Head of Production of Coronation Street. Lee shared insights into his role and career journey, while showcasing snippets of his work. They learnt about different careers within the television industry and gained a deeper understanding of how a show is written, filmed and directed.  

“Club members were exposed to a genuine career path for them to consider. ITV discussed their routes into careers and highlighted their Academy to club members.” – Club tutors 

Club members were then divided into groups and were tasked with devising a real-life drama scene. This provided Club members with a unique opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and pitch their storyline to senior ITV producers. Through this activity, Club members gained real-world experience of what is required to bring a TV show to life. 

To further immerse themselves in the world of TV production, Club members were given a bespoke tour of the Coronation Street set, before ending with an engaging Q&A session offering insights into set and costume design. 

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