Lee Lapthorne, screen-printing

  • University of Wolverhampton

Lee Lapthorne hosted a Masterclass in t-shirt design and screen-printing for the University of Wolverhampton Art&Design Saturday Club.

To begin the day, Lee spoke to the group about his career and how it has evolved, as well as his passion for screen-printing. His Wolverhampton background resonated with the Club members and he advised them ‘if you have creativity and you want to make it you can but you have to work hard, you have to push yourself and you have to keep at it. Just keep the faith and you’ll get there’.

After the talk, Lee introduced the Club members to the activity for the session which was to design screen-printed t-shirts with individual slogans. Whilst the young people were developing their designs, Lee took groups into the Print Rooms to show them the screen-printing process.

Once each member had finalised their individual designs, they went into the Print Room to screen-print their slogans onto t-shirts with Lee’s help and advice. By the end of the session each member had produced a t-shirt to be presented at the Summer Show.

Lee Lapthorne, screen printing and T-shirt design

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