Libby Page, writing about place

  • London Metropolitan University

With a theme of ‘Place and Community’, bestselling author Libby Page led a Masterclass for the London Metropolitan University Writing&Talking Club.

Libby spoke about her career and reflected on a moment of realisation “that someone had actually written the book I was reading and that it was a job you could actually do!”. She spoke about the importance of place in all of her novels and how she finds this a useful starting point to bring readers into her story.

Libby then led a series of writing activities about how to establish place and create a sense of community, and Club members created vivid descriptions of both real and imagined locations. In answer to the question ‘where do you feel a sense of community’ one Club member replied “Here! At the Saturday Club.”

At the end of the session, Libby shared an insight into the editing and publishing process, showcasing the breadth of jobs across the industry and the network of people that help to bring a novel to market.

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