Marianne Shillingford, colour psychology and paint mixing

  • National Maritime Museum

In an explorative and colourful workshop with Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, Art&Design Club members from the National Maritime Museum experimented with colour psychology, theory and paint mixing.

Collaboratively, members used colour wheels to understand the effect of tone and shade on people’s moods. Marianne also explained the relationship between colour and wavelength on the visible light spectrum. 

Club members then created their own paint colours and voted for their favourites.  During this process, members were encouraged to ask questions such as “How does this colour affect mood or emotion? Is it intense? Is it rainy? Is it playful?”

Taking inspiration from Dulux paint names, including Natural Calico, Poison Apple and Jenny Wren, members conjured their very own names to identify their unique new colours. These colours were then taken back to Dulux HQ for potting, and will be sent back to the National Maritime Museum Art&Design Club to be implemented in their creative works.

After the Masterclass Marianne commented: “Every time I deliver a workshop to young people I am reminded that creativity is a collaborative process. I come away having learnt something new and exciting about the world and the huge privilege it is to be able to share my experience of it with others”

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