Paul Priestman & Amos Marchant, transport designers

  • Bolton School of the Arts, University of Bolton

Paul Priestman – founder of Priestman Goode – held a Masterclass with the members of the Bolton School of the Arts’ Art&Design Club. He started with an introduction about his creative journey and what goes on behind the walls of his transport design company. He gave great insight into what inspired him to get into transport design as a kid, and even showed images of clay models of fire engines and boats he had during his time at school – which he sold to his teachers!

Paul, along with industrial designer Amos Marchant, went on to explain the brief for the day – looking 40 years into the future when travel between planets would be routine. The task was to design and build a model for a family spaceship – like a space caravan – for a week-long journey. The groups had to work on the scale of Lego mini-figures and make models using only brown card. He introduced the idea of design constraints, where they could only use one material for the models, and each team had one shape, chosen by the clients; round, square, rectangular and triangular.

Each member brainstormed ideas for what they wanted on their spaceships and made drawings to showcase this before coming together with their team members and creating a single collaborative model.

Kit Oates Photography

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