Paul Rennie, poster design

  • Middlesex University London

Middlesex University’s Masterclass was led by Paul Rennie. The session began with Paul giving the members an insight into the art history of posters, covering Russian constructivism; 1920s travel posters; and early impressionist work. He showed how the use of 2D flat colour can create the sense of perspective, dynamic ideas and landscape.

The Club members were then set a brief to create their own A5 postcards using only coloured paper in collage style to design their pieces. The room was filled with a creative buzz and the young people were tremendously focused as they developed their postcards.

The postcards created by the end of the session were diverse and the young people drew on wider art influences to create postcards which ranged in style from pop art, to abstract cubism to poetic landscape and slogans. The works were detailed and a great success. At the end of the session the young people pinned their work up on the wall and Paul Rennie then commented on the different styles on display.

After the session, Paul commented: “The spirit in the club was lovely and I loved the focus and concentration of the youngsters…well done to everyone. In addition to the post cards, we came away with some happy accidents including a Matisse (paper) and a Kandinsky (cut scraps on the table).”

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