Pentland Brands and Kickers, personalise your own Kickers

  • The Northern School of Art

In a Masterclass with Pentland Brands and Kickers, Art&Design Club members at The Northern School of Art designed their own bespoke pair of Kickers, embracing the Kickers’ brand message ‘express yourself’.

The day started with an introductory talk by the Kickers’ Brand Manager, who shared insights  into the footwear industry and the brand’s ethos. They then gave an exciting overview of the activity ahead.  

With the mission of showing young people how customisation can reflect their personalities, Club members were given a pair of Kickers and complete creative freedom in how they chose to customise them. With self-expression at the forefront, they were briefed to go as wild or as subtle as they like and encouraged by the Pentland Brands and Kickers team to explore and push their creativity and customisation skills.  Designs varied from music symbols to star signs and were filled with personality. 

A key part of the session was the Club members presenting their designs to the group and explaining what they did and how it represents them. They then all voted for their favourite designs and the top five were awarded a pair of Kickers to take home.   

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