PriestmanGoode, car-free future for Winchester

  • Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton Saturday Club were joined by a team from PriestmanGoode for a Masterclass on journey mapping, to produce their own visionary plan for a car-free journey. 

The day began with a presentation from PriestmanGoode detailing the company’s diverse disciplines, global projects and innovative transportation design solutions. PriestmanGoode emphasised their commitment to creating transport systems that benefit both people and the planet. 

Club members then collaborated to create mock-ups of new transport concepts for three different journeys. Divided into three groups, they tackled specific routes: home to school, train station to cathedraland city to beach. They discussed current challenges, accessibility issues, potential improvements, and envisioned a city without cars. 

Using cardboard and foamboard, they crafted prototypes to pitch at the end of the Masterclass. The designs varied widely, featuring an accessible scooter, a school rucksack with rain protection, an autonomous moving café and a streetlamp powered by the pavement. 

At the end of the day, the Club members presented their ideas, explaining the challenges they identified and their innovative solutions to the rest of the groups. 

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