PriestmanGoode, designing for good citizenship

  • University of Leeds

A team from PriestmanGoode joined the University of Leeds Art&Design Club to explore the concept of designing for good citizenship.

The workshop began with an insight into how the PG team found their way into the design industry and, in a special moment, Chris Gregory talked about how he had attended a Masterclass with PriestmanGoode 11 years ago as a Saturday Club member himself, which had inspired and motivated him to become a designer for the studio!

For the main activity, the PG team asked Club members their thoughts about what it is to be a good citizen and how design might be used to help others and improve communities. Club members came up with an array of fascinating concepts including improving public bins to aid recycling, campaigns for minorities, creating garden spaces to bring communities together, developing public spaces to facilitate art projects, and creating safe spaces for homeless people, just to name a few!

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