PriestmanGoode, transport designers

  • Northbrook MET College
  • University for the Creative Arts Rochester

The Masterclass at PriestmanGoode’s London offices was held jointly with the Art&Design Clubs at Northbrook Metropolitan College and University for the Creative Arts Rochester.

Members of the two Clubs were mixed into four groups and tasked with designing alternative backpacks that tackled the problem of congestion on public transport.

They were asked to look at innovative ways commuters could carry everyday essentials while travelling on crowded buses, trains or the underground, and to create a public-information campaign to communicate travel etiquette.

Each team then constructed a prototype of their amazing solutions – which included innovative pieces of headgear and footwear with hidden storage space – and made a poster, complete with graphics and memorable slogans, to promote the benefits of their design.

It was a challenging but lively and highly engaging Masterclass, and at end of the session, everyone was involved in presenting their ideas to the designers and the other groups.

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