Research and Findings

Taking part in the National Saturday Club is a transformational experience for young people. The programme launched in 2009, with a unique creative pedagogy, built on the expertise of The Sorrell Foundation. Over the past 12 years, independent evaluation has demonstrated consistent and long-term impacts on those who take part, with these outcomes felt even more acutely by young people from widening participation backgrounds.

As well as providing opportunities for 13–16-year-olds to learn new skills and gain practical experience, the Saturday Club offers long-term benefits for its members that range from improved self-confidence, to developing independent thinking and the ability to express ideas – attributes that will become more and more essential for the future success and resilience of all young people.

The next generation will encounter tremendous global challenges which require problem-solving and innovative thinking. Their career prospects will demand valuable creative capacities and skills, such as imagination, inquisitiveness, collaboration, persistence and discipline, all of which the National Saturday Club programme successfully imparts.

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