Simple Works, bridge building

  • HH+ Keele University

Science&Engineering Club members at Higher Horizons+ Keele University enjoyed a Masterclass in structural and civil engineering, led by a team of engineers from Simple Works.  

The day started with an introduction into what Simple Works does and the career pathways of the engineers. They then introduced specific engineering elements, such as tension and compression, stability and load testing, that related to the day’s task which focused on bridges.  

Next came the hands-on challenge of building their own bridges. Club members were split into groups and had to transform their sketch ideas into tangible structures using the materials provided. Whilst working through this, they were absorbing crucial engineering principles around stability, scale and compression. 

At the end of the day, every group proudly presented their completed bridges and had the opportunity to test each other’s creations by assessing how many books each bridge could hold. 

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