Sinta Tantra, installation art

  • Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Artist Sinta Tantra led an enlightening Masterclass for the Winchester School of Art Saturday Club in the university’s Rotunda, a newly designated outreach space. During the session, Club members worked together to create a large-scale flooring installation which will be featured at the 2020 National Saturday Club Summer Show in June.

Sinta introduced the young people to her work, discussing the role of public art and colour as well as the relationships between line, colour and form. She then taught the Club techniques that she has used within her own practice including painting and masking techniques, as well as ‘Prick and Pounce’ which dates back to The Renaissance and enables the artist to transfer a design to a new surface.

Working both independently and collaboratively, the young people each painted a square of the installation whilst considering how their piece would fit within the installation as a whole.

At the end of the session the young people brought their individual squares together and took part in a puzzle game, fitting the pieces together in different ways to explore how shape and colour can be experimented with, and slowly revealing the design that Sinta had created for the final installation.

The Masterclass was a wonderful exploration of colour, pattern, artistic technique and working collaboratively to create an installation piece for public display.

Thank you very much to Johnstones Paint and PPG for generously providing a fantastic range of paints for the Masterclass.

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