Thomas Randall-Page, inflatable design

  • Plymouth College of Art
  • Cornwall College
  • Royal Cornwall Museum

The South-West Clubs, Cornwall College, Truro and Penwith College and Plymouth College of Art joined together for a joyful and inspirational Masterclass on inflatables led by Thomas Randall-Page.

Thomas began with a short presentation on inflatables and how they have been used in relation to architecture, before laying out a huge strip of paper on the floor and asking the young people to start sketching out initial designs. After a group discussion about which ideas they liked most, and an outline of practicalities, everyone got going on assembling their huge shapes. They worked in small groups to tape polythene and foil blankets together, refining as they went along, before they eventually inflated them all with fans and the young people were able to explore inside.

The day also included a lunchtime trip to Plymouth College of Art’s glass-blowing house, where the Club members were amazed to watch a demonstration of making a glass tumbler by Ben Lintell, a former Club member at the college.


Thomas Randall-Page, inflatable design

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