Triple Double Studio, typeface

  • Coventry University

Coventry University’s Art&Design Club took part in an engaging typeface Masterclass with design studio Triple Double.

Led by Paul Jenkins, Rachel Booth and William Montout, the workshop began with an introduction to the work of the studio and an outline of the history of typography. Members were then briefed to create a unique sans serif typeface, based on one letter and inspired by their favourite places in Coventry, centred around the concepts of ‘wellbeing’ and ‘environment’.

The group sketched out eight ideas for their typeface – which included themes of swimming pools, theatres, parks, libraries and food – then presented their ideas and selected one, using it to make a large cut-out of their letter from cardboard. Finally, they decorated their letter using a range of materials, including paint, moss, bubble wrap, fabric and sand. The result was an alphabet of typefaces based on favourite aspects of Coventry and evoking positivity through carefully selected materials, colours and textures.

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