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At Coventry University Art&Design Saturday Club, we run a year of engaging creative workshops exploring various art and design processes with different practitioners. In 2017/18, our programme covered Caricature art, digital painting using state of the art equipment & software, 2D drawing and sculpture, storyboarding and character design, armature-building and set building, location-based and abstract photography, digital and traditional photography processes and darkroom practice.

The Saturday Club offers Club members a unique opportunity to build new skills and develop creative confidence in a range of artforms and with artists from a wide variety of backgrounds, in a nurturing and non-pressured environment. Members have the opportunity to experience and use our state-of-the-art facilities and receive expert tuition from Coventry University’s tutors and students.

As part of the National Saturday Club programme, the Club will also take part in three National Events: the London Visit, in which members create a pop-up self-portrait exhibition and visit one the capital’s leading museums or galleries; a Masterclass with an industry professional; and the Summer Show, where all Club members from around the country exhibit their work at Somerset House, London – all for free.

Graham Sutherland Building,
Cox St,

This club has reassured me this is a career I want to pursue.

Club member, Coventry University

My Saturday Club has made me more confident in every piece of work I do. I’ve learned to work with my failure, instead of giving up.

Club Member, Coventry University

I feel a lot more confident talking to people now. Saturday Club brings people with common interests together

Club member, Coventry University

This has changed my entire opinion of education and I will definitely be taking art in further education.

Club member, Coventry University

The club is doing creative work that there is no chance to do at school.

Parent, Coventry University

My daughter has really enjoyed the model making.  She’s really enjoying the club and has made good friends and actually can see now that it does relate to what she does in GCSE product design (as she is not doing GCSE art). I think it’s built her confidence around being creative.

Parent, Coventry University

Just to say many thanks to everyone involved in the club as my daughter loves it and she does look forward every time she goes.

Parent, Coventry University

Jaguar Land Rover, vehicle designers


Thank you for your interest in this Saturday Club. You must be aged 16 or over to send us your email address to request information about a Club. If you are aged under 16, please ask your parent or guardian to fill in the form on your behalf. When you request information about this Club, we will pass on your details to the Saturday Club organiser at Coventry University and retain a copy of the request.


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