Virgile + Partners, sustainable approaches to interior design

  • London Metropolitan University

In a Masterclass with Virgile + Partners, London Metropolitan University Art&Design Saturday Club participated in a workshop on 3D modular surface design. 

The day began with a tour of the offices, where Club members learned about the interesting history of the building which is noted for its architectural design and innovation. The Virgile + Partners team then presented an overview of the company’s history and their work, emphasising sustainability and its impact on design and architecture. Each team member shared a brief summary of their educational background and career paths, showcasing the diverse ways they arrived at their current roles.  

Following the presentations, Club members were tasked with sketching a module which they would later create. They were given a tile module pattern as a starting point and used materials like foam board, card, pencils, scissors and PVA non-toxic glue to bring their sketches to life. The team explained how these modules are utilised in architectural design and their impact on the lifespan of buildings. 

After creating their individual modules, the members pinned them together to form a large 3D surface which could function as a space divider, building cladding or window screening. This exercise helped Club members understand design thinking and the transformation of a 2D sketch into a 3D element. At the end of the workshop, they took their tile modules home. 

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