Windsor Castle, embroidery and gilding

  • St Barbe Museum + Art Gallery

The Craft&Making Saturday Club at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery headed to Windsor Castle for a craft-focused Masterclass.  

Frogmore Workshops is where all the Royal Household furniture is restored and cared for. The day began with excitement as Club members arrived at Frogmore Workshops, just in time to wave hello to Prince William as he was leaving! The team introduced themselves and showcased examples of upholstery, gilding and carpentry. 

Club members participated in three different workshops. The first was with the workshop’s cabinet maker where they added their own monogram to wooden bases. Next, was a gilding workshop which involved applying real gold to decorative embellishments. The group then worked with the soft furnishing team to upholster their own pin cushions, decorate them with embroidery stitches and finally sew their gilded embellishments and wooden base on to them.   

By the afternoon, the group had finished their own regal pin cushions to take home.   

The workshop was followed by a drive down The Long Walk avenue to Windsor Castle where they were taken on a bespoke tour to look at the of the artefacts and furniture. 

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