Xavier Fields, John Hansard Gallery

  • Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

The Winchester School of Art Art&Design Saturday Club had a jam-packed day for their Masterclass this year including gallery visits, talks from artists and a photogram workshop with Xavier Fields at the John Hansard Gallery.

With an early entry to the John Hansard Gallery, members had the chance to take a look at the Siobhán Hapaska exhibition. They then had a talk from artist Dave Hubble about his career and balancing his work as an artist alongside working at the gallery.

Following this, the young people experienced a Masterclass in photogram production with Xavier Fields. They experimented with placing items on chemically impregnated paper and then exposing them to bright light.

Finally, the members had a tour of the rest of the gallery including the work of Anya Gallaccio and Edward Woodman. They discussed some of the pieces and what constitutes art and then rounded up the day with a visit to Southampton City Art Gallery to see ‘Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing’ and ‘Dazzle: Continuing the Art of Disruption’.

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