Yasmin Al-Ani Spence, architect

  • Coleg Sir Gâr

The Art&Design Club at Coleg Sir Gâr enjoyed an architecture-based Masterclass that they shared with their colleagues from the college’s Science&Engineering Club.

Yasmin Al-Ani Spence of Wilkinson Eyre began with a brief overview of her career background, and gave an introduction to architecture in general and to some of Wilkinson Eyre’s projects. The practical brief for the day was to work on a masterplan for the regeneration of the nearby Delta Lakes area.

After brainstorming their priorities, the young people were divided into groups (mixing up the two Clubs) and, by drawing on large photographs and using real models from the Wilkinson Eyre model shop, planned out housing, roads and infrastructure, retail, industry, parks and leisure facilities.

The final presentations were lively, with the young people challenging each other’s ideas vociferously. Overall, it was an excellent day that was interesting to the members of both Clubs, who were highly enthusiastic and had some great ideas.

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